With a new Professional Writing Minor comes new courses to go with it!

English 207: Introduction to Professional Writing

This course provides an overview of the genre and research practices found in professional writing. Students will be exposed to a variety of professional writing scenarios to develop effective writing in workplace and community settings, including (but not limited to) project pitches, memo writing, visual rhetoric and social media. As a class, we will also interrogate notions of professionalism. The goal of the course is  for students to understand the identity and work of the professional writer as they shift across rhetorical situations. Topics include the standards, conventions, and technologies of professional writing; communicating to a variety of audiences; and developing appropriate written responses to workplace challenges.

Prerequisites: WBIS 188, English 101, or 110

Instructor: Maria Novotny

Schedule: TR 9:40-11:10 / 11:30-1:00 Fall 2019

English 397: Digital & Multimodal Writing

Digital and Multimodal Writing focuses on writing that takes place in multiple modes – including digital. Professional writers compose reports, manuscripts, web texts, web pages, slideshow presentations, brochures, flyers, forms, digital video, and much more, and most of these texts require work across different media. Further, composing in these new scenes and with new technologies requires considering the ethics of such compositions, including intellectual property and digital surveillance. This class will allow students the opportunity to explore the design, composition, and rhetorical elements of different types of ‘texts’ and to work at the intersection of multiple media and rhetorical practice. The course will also give a foundation in the theory and methodology that frame the history of multimodal writing and research. No previous experience with multimodal or digital software is necessary.

Prerequisites: English 207 or consent of instructor

Instructor: Maria Novotny

Spring 2020