B.S. in English, B.S. in Biology, B.S. in Environmental Studies, Minor in Creative Writing, Certificate in LGBTQ Studies 

Faculty praise for Burgundy

Karl Boehler: “Burgundy brings a wide array of experiences, opinions, and perspectives into the classroom and is willing to share these all with the class.  It is always wonderful to have students who bring other views to the literature we read, and thanks to Burgundy’s interest in the earth sciences and social justice, classes are always privy to different ways of looking at our materials.” 

Laura Jean Baker: “In a world plagued by lies, fake news, and insincerity, Burgundy Johnson should be our litmus test for authenticity. Their heart is so pure and true, friends and classmates feel near bashful around Burgundy as we’ve become so unaccustomed to realness. As an accomplished writer, thinker, and activist, Burgundy also reminds us that environmental science is the “science of optimism,” which is why this field, along with English, comes to so naturally to Burgundy. In a dark and cynical world, Burgundy fills our glasses more than half-full.”  

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