Elijah Schmidt

English major

Faculty praise for Elijah

“While I only had Eli in Chaucer class, it was truly an enjoyable experience.

One of the reasons that I enjoyed the section of Chaucer that Eli was in so much was because I could count on Eli to stick around after class to talk.  Sometimes he stayed after class to discuss a particular point that was brought up in class; sometimes it was to talk about German, and sometimes it was just to socialize.  No matter what the reason, it was always great to chat with him about whatever was on his mind, and it was a great way to finish my day of teaching.

I think that the chats with Eli’s were so enjoyable is for the same reason that he is such a good student: he is interested in a wide variety of topics. Because of his many interests, he surprised me in class; he would make connections between works and ideas that I did not see coming.  He was able to connect different centuries together as easily as he could connect different tales, and this comes directly from his voracious desire to know and to understand ideas and issues..

No matter what Eli chooses to do as he moves on from UW Oshkosh, I am positive that he will make every organization he is associated with stronger and more humane.”

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