Jarrette Czarapata

B.A. in English 

Faculty praise for Jarrette

Roberta Maguire: “Always inquisitive, willing to challenge, a real sparkplug in class discussions. Jarrette helped make everyone in class think harder and better.” 

Douglas Haynes: “Jarrette exudes a rare combination of seriousness and whimsy that often graces her writing and makes her an ideal peer in an English classroom. She clearly loves being a student and working with her classmates, and she’s never afraid to tackle tough themes and material. All of this will serve you well in whatever comes next, Jarrette!” 

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  1. Sam Looker-Koenigs

    I’ve so enjoyed getting to have you in class at both the beginning and end of your English major journey! 🙂

    • Jarrette Czarapata

      Thank you so much! I enjoyed having you teach said classes and always felt at ease with you as the professor 😌


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