B.A. in English 

Faculty praise for Kaila

Bill Gillard: “Kaila is an academic force of nature; if there is such a thing as a scholarly tsunami, that’s Kaila. It was all I could do to keep up with her during her aptly-named independent studies as she roamed the known universe throughout all of recorded time to explore the literary roots of the big ideas she immersed herself in. I am grateful to have shared the journey with her for a little while. She is off to do great things in the world!” 

Pascale Manning: “Kaila Vander Wielen is multifariously interested and invested, giving fresh, more grown-up meaning to the word “precocious.” The conversation at hand often isn’t enough for her: she loves to inject unexpected flashes of the Biblical or mythological or just plain unpredictable into the proceedings – out of what I’ve learned to see as a loveable earnestness and openness to the world. She is a student of talent and imagination whom we hope will bring a welcome bit of gentle chaos to her dream career in the legal profession.”

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  1. RPF

    Kaila’s various ideas and thoughts always added something to any class she was in and impacted everyone who basked in her wisdom.


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