Khaila Miles-Semons

English Major, African American Studies Minor

December 2019 Graduate

Faculty praise for Khaila

“Khalia is a thoughtful, creative thinker, and she possesses a wonderful blend of passion and diligence in her work. No wonder that she is the well-deserving recipient of the Chancellor’s Graduate Student Aware from UW-Milwaukee, where she will begin working on her MA in English this fall. She will be an outstanding professor of African-American Studies one day!”

“The first time I taught Khaila, she sat in the front row but was shy, even tentative, if clearly thoughtful, smart, and diligent. Over the course of two creative writing classes and the McNair Scholars Program, I watched Khaila grow into her remarkable potential. In her final semester at UWO, I invited her to address my English 281 (Intro to English Studies) students. She was composed, eloquent, courageous, well-spoken, and knowledgeable enough to teach the class. I could have walked away and never returned, as the future Dr. Miles-Semons had taken full command of herself, her areas of expertise, and her audience. Khaila defines how proud we are to watch our students grow.”

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