B.A. in English, Minors in Spanish, Law and Policy, and Business Administration 

Faculty praise for Macrina

Crystal Mueller: “Macrina presents herself as a consummate professional. She demonstrates self-awareness and compassion for others. She selects her commitments carefully so she can give her all to each one. Her inner thought life enriches others’. She is fiercely analytical and boasts an exacting nature. Macrina reaches high and brings us all along on her journey upward. She’s been a fantastic asset to our program.”  

Sam Looker-Koenigs: “I can mention Macrina’s name to literally any professor who’s ever worked with her and watch their day improve right before my eyes. I have found this reassuring, as I would otherwise suspect I just dreamed up an imaginary perfect thesis advisee. We are truly fortunate that Macrina chose English to be at the center of her boundless passion, joy, and gratitude for learning.”  

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  1. Jolene Schry

    Macrina – you are such a sweet, loving young lady with a passion to help others, even before yourself. I am so very proud of all you’ve accomplished thus far and I know Uncle Rick is smiling down on you too. Keep setting goals and working hard and you will accomplish great things. Love you lots 😘
    Aunt Jolene


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