Merry Norby

Psychology Major, English literature and Spanish minor

December 2019 Graduate

Faculty praise for Merry

“One of the greatest rewards of teaching is encountering students such as Merry Norby. Over multiple semesters – from a gen-ed literature survey to a majors seminar to an Honors Thesis project – I came to know Merry as an exceptionally rigorous, insightful, and compassionate scholar. Whether closely reading a single work or weaving together an extensive array of sources, Merry consistently impressed on every possible level. Regardless of the subject matter or course, Merry’s writing was always sophisticated, and her work ethic was inspiring. I’m fortunate to have had Merry’s keen intellectual presence in so many classes and, moreover, to simply have had the opportunity to meet such a remarkably thoughtful and kind person. “

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  1. Anonymous

    This is so nice—I appreciate it so much.💗💗💗 -Merry


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