Natalie Dillon

B.A. in EnglishB.A. in JournalismMinor in German 


Faculty praise for Natalie

Douglas Haynes: “Natalie’s talents with poetry are a testament to her intellectual curiosity. Though she didn’t like poetry when she started college, she has become a master at close reading challenging contemporary verse and writing memorable poems herself. Her insights always spark conversation, and she’s a powerful advocate for causes she cares about. Good luck in your new job at Epic, Natalie!” 

Pascale Manning and Stewart Cole: “Natalie Dillon is one of those students who has a thinking face – the kind of face that teachers quickly come to feel grateful for, as with Natalie it usually means that she is about to say something intelligent and considered that will move the conversation forward. Natalie has an extraordinary sense of ethics – of how to read things in terms of justice – while managing the rare feat of tempering that intensity with notable kindness both in the classroom with her peers and in her own writing. (Not to mention the amazing work she’s done over the years to refine the work of other student scholars in her role as Student Editor of the Oshkosh Scholar – work in which her thoughtful, ethical talents have been on full display.)”

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  1. Lisa

    Congratulations Nat! You deserve only the best!!!

  2. Macrina Schry

    Natalie, you are easily one of the most intelligent, talented, and dedicated individuals I have ever met! It has been a privilege to work with you these past two years, and I know that you are going to accomplish amazing things in your future. Thank you for sharing your light!

  3. Sam Looker-Koenigs

    Given the smarts and enthusiasm you displayed in 281, I’m not at all surprised you went on to impress every English prof you worked with! Congratulations!


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