Shawnetta Williams

English & French Major, Linguistics Minor

Faculty praise for Shawnetta

“Shawnetta is a traveler seeking out connections with other people and cultures. Her international experiences (Japan, France, and counting) and her love of other cultures and people has led her to be a friend to our international students and to be an amazing source of knowledge in our linguistics courses. As a natural mentor, Shawnetta often worked with the international students in our courses and spoke out consistently to share the perspectives of other cultures that she had experienced. Shawnetta embodied a central linguistic principle that all languages and the perspectives they enable are valuable and worth learning from. As I have found from writing to thank all my linguistics students, the support and generosity that this cohort of linguistic minors has extended to each other enriched these classes for everyone—certainly me included. Thank you, Shawnetta, for sharing all that you are in such a positive and caring way. I know you will continue to find yourself and be excellent at what you love. Congratulations!”

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