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Diversity Resource Groups

ADA Advisory Committee

The ADA Advisory committee meets to discuss disability-related issues on campus as they affect students.   The committee discuss’ new trends and issues as they might affect the classroom.  The committee would also be involved in the accommodation appeal process if a complaint were filed.

Gender Equity Council

The Gender Equity Council advocates ensuring that the needs of all genders* are recognized and addressed. As advocates, the Council will collaborate with and support other campus groups who are engaged in related endeavors and respond to current and emerging challenges with campus wide policies.

* Genders replaces the word women to acknowledge that our work includes advocacy for equity among all genders.

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Inclusive Excellence Council

The Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Inclusive Excellence (IE) Council was formed to integrate the ideals of diversity, inclusion, and equity into all levels of the University concerned with academic affairs. The results of the Campus Climate Survey and the Equity Scorecard will serve as guides for the committee in establishing action plans to promote these ideals.

In keeping with UW System’s working definition of diversity, the IE Council defines diversity broadly as both “individual differences” and “group/social differences” such as “race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, and ability as well as cultural, political, religious, or other affiliations.” One of the goals of the IE Council will be to promote the exploration of the impact of differences on the learning process.

These differences include the group/social differences named above; the status of students such as their socio-economic, marital, educational, employment, and/or family status; and their position as returning veterans, first-generation students, non-traditional students, transfer students, ESL students, and/or international students.

The IE Council brings together administrators, classified staff, academic staff, faculty, and students who have demonstrated leadership in and promotion of an improved campus climate around diversity. As it is defined in this charge, demonstrated leadership references an established record of being a change agent on issues of diversity on campus.

The charge of the IE Council is to provide leadership, education, and advocacy that will cultivate an equitable, inclusive, diverse, and supportive climate for people traditionally marginalized from and within the campus community.

LGBTQ Council


To provide visionary leadership, education and advocacy necessary to cultivate an equitable, inclusive and supportive climate for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh community members of all sexual identities.

More specifically, the Council will meet four community needs:

  • Educate the University community members about challenges and issues faced by LGBTQ faculty, staff and students;
  • Affirm the lives, experiences, and presence of LGBTQ faculty, staff and students at the University;
  • Advocate to ensure an environment of safety, equity and respect for individuals of all sexual and gender identities; and
  • Evaluate the UW Oshkosh members’ efforts toward these ends including an assessment of the effectiveness, impact and outcomes of the LGBTQ Education & Advocacy Council.

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Campus Violence Prevention Program

The Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP) is a campus and community partnership that provides free and confidential legal, medical and personal advocacy to students, staff and faculty of the University who have experienced sexual abuse, dating violence, sexual harassment and/or stalking. CVPP educates students, staff, and faculty about intimate violence, its impact on our community, and healthy relationships.

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Equal Opportunity & Access

Securing equity and fairness at UW Oshkosh.