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Your gifts to the Foundation Annual Fund Campaign support excellence on the Fond du Lac campus while enhancing the educational and cultural activities on campus.

October 28, 2019

Dear donor,                 

You may already know this, but UW-Fond du Lac Foundation has been in existence since 1974, primarily assisting young people at the Fond du Lac campus as they seek an education that will help them find their place in this world.  UW-Fond du Lac Foundation also helps with Fond du Lac campus projects and professional development for the dedicated faculty and staff.

On September 25 – just a few short weeks ago – the Foundation held an event to recognize our 2019-2020 student scholars and the donors who so generously support them in their quest. The student speaker that evening, Theresa Liska, a sophomore here at UWO, Fond du Lac campus, noted, “By receiving a scholarship tonight, it means that we each have at least one person that believes us to be competent in whatever we set our minds to do. And it’s honestly the greatest feeling of all knowing that you are capable of achieving and that others think so as well.”

Your annual gift to UW-Fond du Lac Foundation means that not only can students like Theresa continue to look to the Foundation for some much needed financial support to continue their education, but more importantly it also means that you are directly impacting the future of those students and playing an important role in the formation of our future community members and leaders.

Please consider sharing a gift of impact.  Please consider what it means to a young, impressionable student to be awarded a scholarship or grant.  Be that “one person that believes.” Please also consider how UWO, Fond du Lac campus serves our community in a myriad of ways.  In the words of Bob and Crystal Carew, our Spirit of Excellence award winners for 2019, “Staying connected with your community and doing good things for others will always reward you richly.” Please know that you will be richly rewarded as you do good things in support of our students’ future.   Bob and Crystal noted how much it meant to them to know they had made a difference in someone’s life.

Thank you for your past, present and future support of this Foundation. By doing so, you are actively choosing to make a difference in the lives of others.

Cathi McGowan
UW-FdL Foundation Board Chair

Barbara Senn
UW-FdL Foundation Executive Director


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