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Budget Process Committee Charge

The Operating Budget Allocation Model (OBAM) provides an inclusive process through which shared governance representatives help maintain and improve OBAM. To this end, the Budget Process Committee (BPC) makes advisory recommendations to the Chancellor concerning the operating features of OBAM, and in that capacity will:

  • Serve as a steward of the OBAM manual
  • Recommend peer/aspirant benchmark studies
  • Observe the Annual Budget Request Process
  • Review budget language from UW System
  • Review mandates with budgetary implications for the university to college/unit level
  • Review MOUs within OBAM’s purview
  • Review University level CRP changes within OBAM’s purview
  • Contribute to ongoing OBAM training processes
  • Work with the Academic Policies Committee (APC) on Academic Quality Indicators (AQIs)
  • Recommend model/manual changes
  • Submit a stylized annual report
  • Participate in a comprehensive review of OBAM once every six years

BPC Membership

The membership of the BPC is as follows:

4 tenured members from the faculty (one from each college) appointed by the Faculty Senate

Chad Cotti


College of Business

Josh Garrison

Associate Professor

College of Education & Human Services



College of Nursing

Margaret Hostetler

Associate Professor

College of Letters & Science

1 member appointed by the Senate of Academic Staff

Anne Duchek

Intervention and Retention Specialist 

Student Affairs

1 member appointed by the University Staff Senate

Julia Hodgen

Dean Assistant

College of Business

1 student appointed by the Oshkosh Student Association (OSA)


The Budget Director from the Budget Office in Finance & Administration

Jennifer Borgmann

Budget Director

Finance & Administration

The University Business Officers from the Budget Office in Finance & Administration (Non-voting)

Douglas Salmon

Budget Planner

Finance & Administration

Mai Lee

Associate Budget Planner

Finance & Administration

Sarah Anderson

Associate Budget Planner

Finance & Administration