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UW Oshkosh Cost Recovery Program (CRP) Process

*Please follow process below to submit proposals for review*

Download the CRP Documents from the Budget Office Website: Request Process (General), Procedures, Narrative Proposal and Budget Workbook. Review the CRP Procedures, paying close attention to minimum financial criteria requirements. Conduct pre-planning meeting with department Faculty and Staff involved in the new program.

Complete first draft of the CRP Narrative Proposal and Budget Workbook.

Conduct pre-planning meetings, to discuss draft CRP Narrative Proposal and Budget Workbook with the College Dean/Unit Director, Unit Business Officer, Registrars, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and Budget.

Finalize CRP Narrative Proposal and Budget Workbook, incorporating pre-planning meeting feedback. Email to Unit Business Officer for 1st review. Unit Business Officer will upload to SharePoint, and submit to the College Dean/Unit Director (2nd Review).

Make any updates per Dean/Director, upload to SharePoint, and submit simultaneously for further feedback, discussions and analysis to:
University Business Officer Representative (3rd Review) AND Associate Vice Chancellor of Curriculum Affairs (4th Review).

After 3rd and 4th review, make any updates to SharePoint and submit simultaneously to: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (Approval) AND Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Approval).
After Vice Chancellor approval, conduct implementation meeting with Unit Business Officer, Bursar, Budget and Registrars Office.