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Financial Services

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Contact by phone, email, Teams or private appt.
Location: Dempsey 236
Phone: (920) 424-3990
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Financial Services
Hours: Contact by phone, email, Teams or private appt.
Location: Dempsey 236

Accounts Payable

Welcome to Accounts Payable at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Accounts Payable serves the university community and our vendors by providing non-payroll payments and pre-audit services.

It is our goal to provide the university community and our vendors with an efficient payment process, and provide education, support, and training to university personnel in the payment process.

The purpose of the pre-audit function serves to:

  • Examine the authenticity, authorization, and appropriateness of transactions and documents submitted for payment.
  • Interpret and insure compliance with federal and state laws along with Board of Regent and University administrative, fiscal, and purchasing policies and procedures.
  • Exercise reasonable judgment in processing payment transactions not specifically addressed by State Statutes or University policies.

Helpful items to remember:

  • Proper purchasing procedures are followed before a request for payment is submitted.
    • Please refer to Purchasing for more information.
  • Proper invoicing, receipts, and/or supporting documentation are attached to any payment request.
    • Invoices and Receipts must be dated, detailed, and itemized
    • Receipts must also show payment and payment type
    • Supporting documentation should clearly support the description and business purpose of the payment request
  • All sections of any payment request are completed in full, and in detail.
    • If you request something specific to be listed in the WISER Description, please identify and indicate as such using 30 characters or less on the payment request.
    • If you require special handling of your payment, please identify and indicate assuch on the payment request.
  • All payment requests contain the required proper authorized signatures
  • Please allow the Accounts Payable department 10 business days to process any payment request that is received.
  • Any and all questions regarding accounts payable can be directed via email to:, or by telephone at (920) 424-1309.