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Financial Services

Gifts In-Kind (non-monetary)

Gifts in Kind are tangible items, goods, or services that the University typically would have to otherwise buy if the item, good, or service hadn’t been donated.

The following considerations should be made before acceptance of a donation:

  1. The gift should be relevant to the mission of the University and further the work of the departments and programs at the University.
  2. The donor’s intent should match the interests of the University.
  3. Consideration should be given related to the potential future costs associated with accepting the gift, such as maintenance, repair, storage, and/or preservation costs.
  4. Consideration and formal evaluation should be performed related to future competitive bidding concerns as well as any potential legal and/or insurance concerns associated with accepting the gift.

Gifts In-Kind Flow Chart

Other Considerations

There are instances where Gifts in Kind are reported to and accepted by UW Oshkosh Foundation on behalf of UW- Oshkosh. In these cases, UW Foundation will acknowledge the donor and provide UWO with pertinent information regarding the donation. There is no need for the campus department to provide a separate acknowledgment letter to the donor.