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Financial Services

Monetary Donations

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Implementation Process for UW System Policy 342 Extramural Support Administration, Section 5. Definitions A. Gifts

Monetary Donation Criteria

To qualify as a gift to the institution, it must meet all of the following criteria. Any gift that does not meet all five criteria will be classified as a grant or contract subject to the assessment of indirect costs.

  1. Funds provide general, unrestricted support for broadly defined activities in one or more program areas, such as research, public service, instruction, fellowships/traineeships, etc.;
  2. Detailed reports are not required–neither periodic or final, nor fiscal or technical. (The principal investigator may provide the donor with a brief statement that the expenditures were in accord with the intent of the gift);
  3. No provisions (delays, advance notice) are imposed by the donor concerning publication of data and information derived from the activity;
  4. There is no specific time limit on the expenditure of funds; and,
  5. Rights to any patent/copyright are not retained by the donor.

From UW System Board of Regents Policy Document 22-3, “Acceptance of Gifts, Grants and Bequests”

“As a matter of policy, the Board directs the System and institutions not to accept future gifts, grants, bequests, or devises that include restrictions requiring differentiation on the basis of religion or creed, unless those restrictions are removed by consent of the donors, if living, or by appropriate legal processes, initiated by the legal representatives of deceased donors.”

From UW System Board of Regents Policy Document 31-15, “Large Unendowed Bequests or Gifts”

“All new bequests/gifts of $1,000,000 or more where the donor is silent as to the expenditure of principal shall be identified as designated endowments, with only the income from the trust available for expenditure in accordance with the terms of the trust agreement.”


Accepting Monetary Donations to UW Oshkosh Flow Chart

*Please follow process below to deposit checks within 7 days of the receiving them*

Dept. receives monetary donation in the form of a check.

Dept. completes Donation Routing-Deposit form. Working with your Budget Planner, complete a DAR form if a Fund 233 dept. number must be created. Dept. prints and signs form after receiving new Fund 233 dept. number from Budget Planner.

Dept. prepares Department Thank You letter and Donor Acknowledgement Letter without signature.

Dept. submits check, two copies of Donation Routing Deposit Form, Department Thank You letter, and Donor Acknowledgement letter to college Dean or division Vice Chancellor.

Dean or Division Vice Chancellor
Dean or division Vice Chancellor reviews Donation Routing-Deposit form. Is form complete?

If no, return form to dept. for completion.

If yes, review Monetary Donations Criteria verifying all five monetary donation criteria are met.

If no, contact dept. for donation clarification. If clarification does not meet all criteria, reject donation and return check, form, and letter to dept. with explanation for rejection.

If yes, forward check, signed form, and letter(s) to the Controller.
Controller reviews check, form, and letter(s). Verify that a new Fund 233 dept. number has been created.
Controller gives check, form, and letter(s) to Cashier.
CashierCashier deposits check, sending receipted copies of Donation Routing-Deposit form and letter(s) to the Office of Finance and Administration Executive Assistant.
The Office of Finance and Administration Executive AssistantExecutive Assistant obtains Vice Chancellor of the Office of Finance and Administration signature on Donor Acknowledgement letter, scans letter and receipt into shared drive. Electronic copies of documents are sent to the Vice Chancellor of the unit, and the department and mails the letter(s). Students then print the documents into ImageNow and route to the Office of Sponsored Programs and Faculty Development.

Please contact Jeanne Schneider at X0717 or, with any questions on this process.