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Financial Services

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Contact by phone, email, Teams or private appt.
Location: Dempsey 236
Phone: (920) 424-3990
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Financial Services
Hours: Contact by phone, email, Teams or private appt.
Location: Dempsey 236

Materials Distribution Services (MDS)

Material Distribution Services (MDS) is a materials distribution center that receives, stocks and delivers commonly used items to government customers. MDS also provides an online ordering system with some Prime State Contract Vendors to purchase goods in a single shopping experience. The current vendors on their website include Staples Advantage, Grainger, VWR, Fisher Scientific and Sigma-Aldrich.

The SciQuest Upgrade

MDS has recently decided to upgrade their E-Commerce software to a third-party E-procurement solution called SciQuest. SciQuest will provide a number of new features and benefits to our shopping experience. The new SciQuest/MDS integration launched in March 2013 as Shop@UW.

Shop@UW provides a number of new features and allows MDS to increase the number of vendors from seven to 40 web-based storefronts. It also provides users with an intuitive electronic ordering method, a guarantee of contract pricing, comparison shopping and ordering from multiple vendors simultaneously, electronic payment and in most cases, next day delivery.

Shop@UW Manual

This Shop@UW Manual describes the new processes for MDS/Shop@UW account holders and their supervisors.


Shop@UW Setup Form

This setup form is to be used to obtain a new MDS account. Fill out all the information and return the completed form to Purchasing in Dempsey 236.

Shop@UW/MDS Purchase Log

This purchase log is used to log all Shop@UW monthly purchases. Briefly stating what was purchased and why.

Pre-Post Allocation Tool

The Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) can be used to view current monthly transaction and change or split the funding for procurements from “Shop@UW” before they are posted to the Shared Financial System (SFS).

MDS will post all transactions for each MDS account in PAT on a nightly basis.

Account holders may log into PAT to view all monthly charges and if necessary reallocate the funding anytime during the current month and up to noon on the third business day of the following month.

On the third business day of the following month at noon, transactions will be locked and further changes will not be allowed within PAT. Please use the this link to review the MDS PAT Deadline Calendar.