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Procurement Methods

Soliciting competitive bids from vendors is the preferred method of selecting suppliers of commodities and services. If no mandatory State contract is available for your commodity or service, an official procurement process is required per State law. There are a variety of State procurement methods available, including the following: Best Judgement, Simplified Bidding, Request for Bid (RFB), Request for Proposal (RFP), Single/Sole Source Waiver, Waiver of Bidding Process and other procurement processes (Piggybacking, Collective Purchasing, Intergovernmental and Cooperative).


In some instances, the Department of Administration (DOA) is required to approve procurements prior to them beginning through the use of a Request for Purchasing Approval/Authority and/or a Procurement plan.  The following actions require DOA approval:

  • Request for Proposals (RFPs) >$50,000
  • Intergovernmental or cooperative procurements >$50,000
  • Sole Source and general waivers >$25,000
  • Legal services or vehicle purchases regardless of amount
  • Collective procurements, regardless of amount or over $50,000 depending on the request
  • Requests for bids for services >$50,000


The type of commodity or service to be purchased and its estimated dollar value helps determine the method of competitive bidding to be used.


Additional Information:

Department of Administration Procurement Desk Guide

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