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OBAM Training Documents

OBAM training will be offered at least once per year to the campus community. All Budget Process Committee (BPC) members, new and experienced, engage in a comprehensive training and education process in order to gain/augment the knowledge necessary to make informed advisory recommendations. Although the training is required for BPC members, all members of the Oshkosh community are encouraged to attend OBAM training.

Below is the training presentation offered for fiscal year 2019 (Academic year 2018-2019), for FY20 budgeting,  along with the new budget model manual.

Also provided are other historical documents and presentations relating to OBAM.  We thank the campus community for their involvement in the new budget model implementation and encourage you to provide feedback on the new model training and documents provided.  Below is a link to the feedback form:

OBAM Documents
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – COMING SOON!