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Estimated Cost of Attendance

The first step in determining your financial need is to calculate the estimated cost of attendance at UW Oshkosh. The Financial Aid Office establishes cost of attendance budgets based on averaged and actual costs from reported data, survey data and Bureau of Labor Statistics data. These budgets include tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, and other expenses.

Note: Your student account is the best and most accurate statement of direct educational expenses. Student account information and estimated cost of education can be found on TitanWeb.  Students bills generally appear on TitanWeb approximately 2 weeks before the start of an academic term.

What do I have to pay for?


Tuition is based on full-time enrollment for undergraduate students (12 credits).  It is based on 6 credits for graduate students. The full tuition cost includes segregated fees and is billed on a semester basis.

Books and Supplies

The estimate of books and supplies is based on average cost for undergraduate and graduate students. Your actual costs may be more or less than the average costs based on your course requirements.

Room and Board

There are two housing costs factored into the cost of education. Students living with parents are considered commuter students. Students living on- and off-campus will have housing costs calculated that equal the average of the on-campus housing for the year. Food is also calculated differently for commuter and on- and off-campus students. The cost is updated each year based on the projected increase in the university food services costs.


Day-to-day living expenses that don’t fall into any other category, such as clothing, medical, recreational expenses, toiletries and insurance.


Roughly based on trips to school with standard course load.

2019-2020 Estimated Cost of Attendance for Graduate Students
Budget ItemWI ResidentNon-ResidentMinnesota Resident*Midwest Exchange
Room and Board$4130$4130$4130$4130
Loan Fee Allowance$109$109$109$109
Estimated Costs for Graduate Part Time Students 2018-2019 (per semester)
Budget ItemWI ResidentNon-ResidentMinnesota Resident*Midwest Exchange
Room and Board$4046$4046$4046$4046
Loan Fee Allowance$110$110$110$110
Paying Your Bills

After the Financial Aid has been electronically disbursed to your student account at UW Oshkosh (e.g. after going through the application and receiving financial aid processes), the Student Accounts Office deducts all the billed costs from your aid, such as tuition, room and board (if applicable).

Refund Checks

If the amount billed to your account is less than the amount of Financial Aid for the semester, then the student is issued a “Refund Check” for the differences. The checks are available for pickup at the Cashier’s Office in Dempsey Hall two weeks after aid has been disbursed.

Some aid, like the Pell Grant, is not disbursed until later in the semester. Therefore, some student may have Refund Checks available later in the semester. The Cashier’s Office will send an email to the student’s UW Oshkosh email account when his/her Refund Check becomes available.

Students can sign up for Direct Deposit and receive their Refund Checks sooner. Refund Checks can be deposited to your bank account via a direct deposit. You no longer have to wait in long lines and make a special trip to campus or wonder if your refund is available. Sign up on TitanWeb for this convenient option.

Changes in Enrollment

You may be billed for a portion or all of your Financial Aid if you drop credit hours or are not at the minimum credit level (6 credits for Undergraduates and 4.5 credits for Graduate students) required for aid eligibility. If you are planning to attend part-time (less than 12 credits for Undergraduate students) or are considering to drop a class, it is important to consult with a Financial Aid counselor.

Payment Deadlines

Each semester, students receive an email from the Student Accounts Office notifying the student billing information is available on his/her TitanWeb account. The bill is due in full by the indicated deadline. If the student is unable to pay the bill in full, he/she can sign up for the partial payment plan.

Payment Due Dates

Fall Semester:

Late September: 10% of the Total Bill is Due

Late October: 50% of the Remaining Balance is Due

Late November: Remaining Balance is Due

Spring Semester:

Late February: 10% of the Total Bill is Due

Late March: 50% of the Remaining Balance is Due

Late April: Remaining Balance is Due

More Information

For detailed information about actual costs per credit and payment deadlines, visit the Student Account Receivable website.