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Loan Counseling

Students who are borrowing loans are required to complete Loan Counseling sessions.

Different loans require different counseling processes. All of the counseling is done online.

The two typical counseling sessions are:

Loan Entrance Counseling

All student borrowers complete Loan Entrance Counseling online after they are awarded loan(s) on their financial aid award.

This interactive counseling session helps students understand the responsibilities that come with your student loan, such as borrowing and repayment terms.

This counseling session is required for all borrowers.

Students will not have their loans disbursed without completing this step.

Upon completion of the entrance counseling, students are required to complete an online or paper version of the Master Promissory Note (MPN). Students will not have their loans disbursed without completing this step as well.

To start Loan Counseling and the MPN process, go to entrance loan counseling and choose specific loan link. Students may be required to have a Department of Education FSA ID or register for an account with the specific loan counseling service.

Loan Exit Counseling

Loan Exit Counseling is completed by a student when finishing education or exiting an academic institution (for example, graduating or withdrawing). This interactive counseling session will help you plan for the repayment of your student loans.