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Notes from the Chairman

Alumni and UWO friends,

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Foundation is dedicated to advancing higher education and ensuring students enjoy successful futures.

Today, student success does not end at graduation. UWO success is defined by graduates who enter the workforce after commencement, successfully navigate that first job, advance in a career, engage in their workplace and community, and have the means to care for their families.

Student interaction with faculty, as well as personal connections, remain our priority. Additional student support services are needed in order to elevate student engagement and challenge us to think inclusively, sustainably and more broadly. This includes increasing academic offerings and career services, adopting new tools to advise and instruct students, and planning for an ever-changing job market.

UWO offers exceptional opportunities for on-campus, local and global learning. And at the Foundation we see the need to do more. We will do so with your support.

By joining us, personalized, real-time educational experiences can be realized by all students, so they are ready to enter the 21st century work environment. Your investment in student passion and purpose will move UWO forward and you will continue to show your Titan pride by preparing students for a promising future.

Your own connection to UWO, whether alumnus or friend, honors the impact the University has had on your life. Your support of UWO shares the benefits of your experience with a new generation of students.

Your desire to give back is a measure of our success. Thank you for investing in UWO.

James Hoffman ’75, ’82 MS
Chairman of the Board
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Foundation

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*Based on year ended June 30, 2021 audited financials, for UWO Foundation, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

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Message from the Executive Director

Since 1871, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has been proud to help students learn, grow and thrive. At the Foundation we believe we are called to do more to assist UWO in this direction. In the past fiscal year, donors such as you agreed and provided just over $1.6 million in donations to the Foundation to aid UWO students. Your gifts help strengthen and support our students, and we are grateful for your generosity. 

Each act of giving helps UWO leverage this success to bring our students a truly outstanding education. As to do so requires a significant investment in our students, faculty and campus. Together, we have and can continue to meet this challenge to build a stronger UWO. 

During the past year, the Foundation has taken on an extensive planning effort,  including identifying key areas of focus within the University that would benefit from additional philanthropic support. Those are: 

  • Enhance student success
    • Expand community engagement and economic development
    • Promote academic excellence
    • Build an inclusive and supportive institutional environment 

All of these matter. But today I would like to share with you more about how UWO is working to help new students to thrive, not just survive. With that in mind, UWO has built a well-rounded approach to ensuring student success that includes the Center for Academic Resources, Project Success, Student Support Services and Student Support Services STEM, the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center, Financial Aid Office, Safewalk, Student Health Services and the Counseling Center. 

We know that students who access the University’s array of advising and support opportunities can identify, clarify and achieve their education, career and personal goals. And persist in their journey to graduation. 

Gifts to the Foundation help us make a difference for students, faculty and University programs, and factor prominently in our students’ success and the University’s future. Philanthropic support is vital to making it happen. Every gift makes a difference. Thank you for your support—together we do so much more.  

Greg Giles ’91
Executive Director
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Foundation

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