You & UWO

Leaving a Legacy for Tomorrow

UW Oshkosh Giving Day | Sept. 12


Our Titan community is truly a special one. 

From our brilliant and passionate faculty and staff, to our vibrant and dedicated students and especially the supportive community that surrounds us. UWO seeps into each individual and leaves a lasting impression.

In being part of this year’s Giving Day, you will have the opportunity to join the entire Titan family in supporting the next generation of leaders, researchers and champions.

This year’s Giving Day will benefit the UW Oshkosh Fund and the Scholarship Support Fund—or you can choose a fund that supports the area that impacted you the most while at UWO. 

The UW Oshkosh Fund supports the greatest needs of the UW Oshkosh Foundation and UW Oshkosh, while the Scholarship Support Fund is an unrestricted scholarship fund awarded based on the greatest needs of the University.

Leave a legacy by supporting UW Oshkosh on Giving Day!


Please ask your human resources department if your employer has a matching gift program. Please contact for additional information. A Blackbaud Merchant Services processing fee of 2.798% and a transaction fee of $0.26 will be deducted from your donation.

“The impact donations have on our students is plentiful. Every single dollar impacts our students in so many different ways, you never know how long-lasting that impact might be.”

Angie Zemke ‘05, Program Adviser for Fraternity and Sorority Life

I have seen hard-working and capable students thrive because alumni have made an investment in them and have supported them. It really is life-changing for our students. It helps them believe in themselves and makes their dreams come true.

Chris Gantner, Alumni Relations Director

UW Oshkosh is a special place because we have a diverse assortment of individuals from around the region and certainly around the country. It is an amazing place and anybody who goes here will tell you that there is no other place like UW Oshkosh.

Darryl Sims ’03, MS ‘05, Vice Chancellor for Athletics

Our students are excited to be at UWO and get a great education. Some of them struggle to pay for that education and giving allows them opportunities to do things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. It truly can make a difference.

Debbie Gray Patton, Associate Director for Student Success

I have seen donations make a significant impact on our students who work really hard—in the classroom and outside the classroom—to make ends meet. When they receive a scholarship or assistance it allows them to experience the entire UW Oshkosh experience.

Jean Kwaterski ‘95, MBA ‘87, Interim Assistant Chancellor for Campus Life

Donations have a great impact on students through scholarships. I myself remember receiving a small presidential scholarship when I went on to college, and I was amazed there were people like you that allow people like me to be able to go to school.  

John Koker, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Give to UW Oshkosh because of the people and the opportunity to enhance someone’s overall experience and impact the life they can have beyond UWO. Your impact … your donation can truly change a life.

Matt Lewis, Head Men’s Basketball Coach

I am constantly amazed by the support provided by our donors to our students. The impacts are just profound. It allows students to finish a very high-quality education. These same students become alumni, and I can guarantee they remember the active generosity of our donors for the rest of their lives.

Andrew Leavitt, Chancellor