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When Titans win, we win as one.

When Titans celebrate, we celebrate as one.

When we face tough opponents, difficult circumstances or need to rebuild, Titan Nation will rise as one.

In the face of cancelled competitions and postponed seasons, UW-Oshkosh student-athletes need our support now more than ever. We want our student-athletes back in action, and we calling on our UW-Oshkosh community to help them get there.

We ask that you support our student-athletes and the Titan athletics program through the Rise as One campaign.

Rise as One provides an opportunity for Titan Nation to play a role in continuing the tradition of Titan athletics. Through your financial support, we can ensure we continue to compete at a championship level and foster the exciting and enriching student-athlete experience.

I was disappointed and frustrated this spring. I’ve been sidelined the last two years because of injury and now the virus. I want all of the feelings that go along with a senior season; I want to go into my last at-bat knowing this is it. I don’t want to look back on a moment that seemed so insignificant and realize that was the last time I’d ever competitively played the sport I love.

Natalie Dillon – Softball

I came to UW-Oshkosh because of the culture. From the coaching staff and players, to the fans, everyone brings passion and unity. These values make up the place where I want to be. 

Quinn Steckbauer, men’s basketball

UW-Oshkosh athletics has allowed me to pursue my athletic and academic goals with confidence. Without the constant support provided by my teammates and coaches, I would not have enjoyed the success I am experiencing in the classroom, on the cross country course and on the track, or in the community.

Andrew George, men’s cross country and men’s track and field

UW-Oshkosh athletics has shown me what it means to be a true athlete on and off the course or track. From lifting up my athletic family during competition to bringing that same positive energy to the community, I feel like I am part of something bigger than just sports.

Hannah Lohrenz, women’s cross country and women’s track and field

I take pride in being on the UWO women’s golf team and have been able to be successful because of all the support I have received. Supporting UW-Oshkosh athletics allows not only me but all student-athletes to become successful both academically and with their sports.

Margherite Pettenuzzo – Women’s golf

One of my favorite parts about being part of the volleyball program is the endless opportunities we are provided and the amazing things we get to experience.

Bri Vettese – Women’s volleyball 

UW-Oshkosh athletics has always represented service to our community, commitment to academic achievement, pursuit of athletic success at the national level, and the desire to help individuals grow into their best vision of themselves. I loved serving, competing, learning, and growing as a Titan student athlete and I am blessed to serve our current Titans as a coach.

Eamon McKenna, men’s and women’s head cross country coach

This has been a challenging time for everyone, our program included. But our Titan basketball community refuses to back down from any challenge. We continue to fight every day for what we have and what we want UW-Oshkosh to be. In order to continue this fight, we need your support.

Matt Lewis – Men’s basketball head coach

The Rise as One campaign is very critical to the experience our student-athletes receive as Titans. We want to give our soccer athletes a top-notch experience over four years and every bit of help we can get from our fans and donors helps tremendously. 

Erin Coppernoll, women’s soccer head coach

UW-Oshkosh athletics is much more than a department on campus… it is a family.

Beth Hubbard – Women’s golf head coach

Supporting UW-Oshkosh athletics gives the student-athletes a better opportunity to be successful. It helps support our teams and maintains UWO’s strive for excellence.

Chris Culp, men’s and women’s swimming and diving head coach

Our continued success hinges on the financial support of our incredible fans and donors. Our program is proud to continue adding to the legacy of UW-Oshkosh athletics. In these times of dwindling state support your investment in our student-athletes allows us the opportunity to chase all our lofty goals both in the classroom and on the court.

Brad Fischer, Women’s basketball head coach

Support is a crucial component to creating a second-to-none student-athlete experience at UW-Oshkosh. Your gift enhances the experience and supports the development of our student-athletes. We rely on donors like you and to say that we are grateful is an understatement.

Jon Ellmann, women’s volleyball head coach

Your donation is essential in providing our student-athletes with the best possible collegiate experience.

Kevin Tomasiewicz, Baseball head coach

Your donation is an investment in our student-athletes that will help create an atmosphere for them to achieve their goals on and off the field. 

Scott Beyer, softball head coach

Because of the commitment from our Titan Nation, UW-Oshkosh has the opportunity to emerge from this crisis.

We will rise, and when we rise—
because of donors like you—
we will rise as one.


Visit https://uwoshkoshtitans.com/ for more information about UWO athletics.