Developmental Math Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

What math classes does the lab support?
– The Developmental Math Lab supports Math 100/101 and Math 103.

Do I need an appointment to get help?
– No, it is a walk-in lab, so no appointments are needed. Learn more about a typical session.

Why should I go to the Developmental Math Lab?
– The thoughts “I don’t need a tutor” or “I am afraid to ask for help” are common barriers.  We’re here to help and work to make your experience a positive one. Hear what past students have to say about the Developmental Math Lab with a testimonial video about student success.

How do I earn extra credit?
– Just come into the lab and get help, then ask a staff member to sign your extra credit sheet. Don’t have a sheet? Just ask for one!

What if I need help and the Developmental Math Lab is closed?
– Supplementary worksheets and accompanying recorded explanation sessions, as well as exam reviews and accompanying video recordings are available for Review Resources and Math 100/101.

Also, you can get help in the Math Lab upstairs (room 2813A) or in the Tutoring Services when they are open.

Getting Started – How to Succeed in Math

We understand that math classes can be stressful, but there are several things you can do to prepare and succeed in your classes. Read the Succeeding in Math outline or watch the video.

Contact us

For additional information, contact Laurie Sloma.

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