Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Want to improve your writing?

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a free online writing resource available to students at the Fond du Lac and Fox Cities campuses. The OWL staff can help you improve your writing in any course.

What does the OWL do?

Any Fond du Lac or Fox Cities campus student may submit a paper to the OWL and receive feedback from a professional or trained student writing tutor within just a couple of days. Tutors are trained to provide revision suggestions, not to proofread or edit students’ papers.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who are the tutors?

OWL tutors are Fox Cities campus students who have received an “A” in English 102, have been recommended by their instructors and have undergone extensive tutor training.

The OWL tutors are happy to share their insight into writing with you and will try to formulate a thorough and useful response to your draft. Please note, however, that they are not magicians, nor do they know absolutely everything about writing. The OWL can, perhaps, best be viewed as a way to get a very good peer response to your writing.

Who may use the OWL?

At this point, only students enrolled in classes on the Fox Cities campus may use the OWL. The student must know how to use e-mail and check it regularly in order to receive a response.

What won’t the OWL do for me?
  • The OWL tutors will not rewrite your papers for you.
  • They will not repair your mechanical errors.
  • They will not assign a grade or guess what grade your instructor will give you.
  • The OWL is not a substitute for class attendance.
What else do I need to know?
  • Please submit your draft at least three days before it is due (the earlier the better).
  • You will receive a response via e-mail as soon as possible; however, the OWL is not staffed on weekends, so essays submitted Friday afternoon or later will not be read until the following Monday.
  • You are welcome to submit drafts of any college writing assignments for any subject.
  • The OWL tutor will email a brief report to your instructor, explaining the type of help that was provided. Many aspects of writing are easier to explain in person than via e-mail. You are encouraged to consult with your instructor when possible.

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