Regular student employment (non work-study) is not part of the financial aid package and is available to any student. There are very few regular student employment positions on campus.

Available Positions

University Children’s Center Student Aide

  • How many hours per week: 2-25
  • Description of Position: Student aide works in the classroom under close supervision of the lead teacher. The student assists the teachers in routine program activities and conducts learning and play activities with children individually and in small groups.
  • Qualifications/Skills Required: The applicant must have a friendly, warm personality, be emotionally mature and enjoy working with young children. A three-credit course in child development or presently taking course.
  • Rate of pay: $9.00/hr
  • How Many Positions Available: 4
  • Supervisor/Contact: Joan Roy or 920-832-2606

Learning Center and Learning Center Math Lab Tutor

  • How many hours per week: 2-8
  • Description of Position: Tutor fellow students in small groups and individually.
  • Qualifications/Skills Required: Current Fox Cities campus student, completed the subject tutoring with a “B” or better, cumulative GPA of at least 2.5, have faculty recommendation, reliable, effective communication skills.
  • Rate of pay: $9.00/hr
  • How Many Positions Available: Varies
  • Supervisor/Contact: Christina Marty or 920-931-3410

Health, Exercise Science Staff

  • How many hours per week: 2
  • Description of Position: Cleaning/wiping down fitness equipment in the fitness center.
  • Qualifications/Skills Required: Able to clean.
  • Rate of pay: $9.00/hr
  • How Many Positions Available: 1
  • Supervisor/Contact: Pam Massey or 920-832-2643

Bookstore Staff

  • How many hours per week: 10
  • Description of Position: Assisting customers with finding books & purchases
  • Qualifications/Skills Required:Quality customer service skills, time management, team player
  • Rate of pay: $7.25/hr
  • How Many Positions Available: 2
  • Supervisor/Contact: Christina Olson or 920-832-2665

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Fox Cities Campus
1478 Midway Road
Menasha, WI 54952
(920) 832-2600