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Teacher leader, Paul Walter, had this to say about the 2016 Future Authors’ Camp Writing Marathon, “Humans by the River”:

The 2016 Future Authors’ Camp is all wrapped up, and we’re excited to share the work we did during our “Writing Marathon.” We were only in Cedarburg for a few hours, but the park and riverwalk were bustling, and after some initial hesitation, our campers were approaching individuals and families to ask a few questions. The key question for each interview was something along the lines of, “What brought you to the water?” Other questions involved past memories made in Cedarburg, plans for the remainder of the summer, and advice for kids in high school. While we wish our final product represented an even broader view of the people who live, work, and play near the river and downtown area, our interviews were representative of the cross-section of people we encountered during our relatively brief (but enriching) time “by the river.”


             “Humans by the River” is captured by this Padlet page.

Check out this Padlet that features the interviews and pictures from the trip, as well as a camper-designed camp flag, our path through downtown Cedarburg, and inspiration.