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Spring 2021

Geology 206 – Lithology (4 cr.)

Instructor: Dr. Benjamin Hallett

Genesis and classification of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks; principles of magmatic differentiation and sedimentary and metamorphic facies. Laboratory work with hand specimens of rocks and minerals. Field trips may be taken to selected areas to illustrate principles taught in the course. 

Prerequisite: Geology 205. Special fees may apply.

Geology 311 – Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis (3 cr.)

Instructor: Dr. Joe Peterson

Geology 328 – Oceanography (3 cr.)

Instructor: Dr. Eric Hiatt

Basic phenomena and conditions of the oceans, development of the science of oceanography, structure of the ocean basins, chemistry and physics of sea water, circulation of oceans, life in the sea and the deposits on the floor of the sea. 

Prerequisite: Eight credits of lab science. Special Fees may apply.


Geology 331 – Structural Geology and Tectonics (3 cr.)

Instructor: Dr. Tim Paulsen

Introduction to principles of rock deformation, description and interpretation of geologic structures and geotectonic processes. Laboratory exercises using methods for structural analysis. Field trip required. 

Prerequisite: Mathematics 106 or 108 or equivalent; Geology 206. Special Fees may apply. 


Geology 365 – Physical Hydrology (3 cr.)

Instructor: Ali Wiemer


Summer 2021

Geology 344 – Field Geology (6 cr.)

Instructor: Dr. Timothy Paulsen

Location: Utah

Application of the theories and methods of field geology in the mountains of the western United States. Provides practical experience and instruction in geologic mapping and field analysis of geologic structures and sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock assemblages. Geology 344 meets for six weeks during the summer. Contact Dr. Timothy Paulsen ( for application materials and information regarding special course fees.

Prerequisite: Geology 206, 331 and consent of instructor. 

Strongly recommended: Geology 309 and 311. 


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