Students can select a major, minor or certificate in French, German, Japanese or Spanish and focus on the development of oral and written proficiency. Global languages and cross-cultural literacy are the perfect compliments to any degree program. 

Students who took second language courses in high school may receive retroactive credits accelerating the path towards degree completion. 



  • Enhanced cognitive and analytical abilities
  • Improved ability to focus on concepts in a new way can give your brain a great workout
  • Improved communication, listening, and memory skills
  • Enriched self-confidence
  • Enhanced creativity


  • Meet specific industry needs
  • Venture in overseas marketing/industry
  • Engage in meaningful conversations
  • Build lasting working relationships
  • Increased opportunities for studying and working abroad


  • Discover and experience like a local
  • See and do what many visitors cannot
  • Gain valuable communication skills
  • Appreciate the traditions, religions, arts and history of the country

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