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Student Advising: Step by Step

Declaring the “option”

Students will need help in thinking through how the Global Scholar option fits into major(s) and their plans for graduation and beyond.

Students may need assistance declaring the Global Scholar Option. They need to “declare the option,” just as they would a minor or major. Once they have declared, it will show up in SSC as a “category” of “student information.”

The GS option is tracked on the student’s STAR and in SSC. You will be able to see which requirements they have completed and which they still need to complete. You may want to print and help them fill out this Global Scholar Planning Sheet when you meet with them for advising.

Completing the requirements

The Global Scholar option is 12 credits, broken down as follows:

3cr. Global Citizenship (GC) (100/200 level) (USP Global Citizenship Requirement)

+ 9 cr. Global Scholar (GS) courses (300/400 level)

  • no more than 6 cr. may be taken in a single department or program
  • 3cr. of additional GC designated foreign language (100/200 level) may be substituted for a GS course.

+ Submission of an ePortfolio presentation and reflection on a Global Experience

  • e.g. study abroad, clinical experience, Model United Nations, internship, independent study, student-faculty collaborative research, service learning
  • the eP needs to be submitted to the Global Scholar Council and recorded as a “STAR milestone” 

Supporting Students

Students will need significant advising with respect to identifying, finding, and enrolling in a Global Experience. To meet the Global Scholar distinction requirements, students must document and reflect on this experience and their global learning at UWO in an ePresentation. They will need to work with YOU, their faculty advisor, to plan for the ePresentation. The final product is provided to the Global Scholar Council. As a faculty advisor/mentor of the ePresentation, you should communicate with Council ( early and often to address any questions you might have and document that they have completed this requirement.

Please see Global Experience for Instructors tab and the ePresentation for Instructors tab for more information on advising students.