History Class if Full - UW Oshkosh History Department
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The Department of History at UW Oshkosh is committed to ensuring that UW Oshkosh students have access to the great courses we offer.  However, some of our classes are very popular and may be closed when you attempt to enroll in them.

Please consider this:

If a HISTORY class taught during the normal 14-week semester shows up as “full” on TitanWeb, what do you do?

Approach the instructor of the class in person or via email and request that you be added to the class roster.  If the instructor agrees to add you, go to the History Department Office (located in Sage Hall 3612) and request an “Add Card.”  Complete this “Add Card” and obtain the required instructor’s signature for it.  Then return the “Add Card” to the History Department Office.

If a HISTORY class taught during a Winter or Spring interim shows up as “full” on TitanWeb, what do you do?

Call or email the History Department Office (424-2456 or historyoffice@uwosh.edu) and ask to have your name added to the class’s Waitlist.  The History Department Office will contact you if and when you are admitted into the class.

If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact the chair, Professor Stephen Kercher.