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UW Oshkosh HLC Campus Committees

The HLC coordinator at UW Oshkosh has assembled campus committees that conduct investigations and gather essential document. By design, these committees include broad representation from across campus departments. View the campus committees for overall planning and for each specific criterion below.

HLC Criterion Committees 2018


HLC Steering Committee

NameDepartmentEmail Address
Charlie Hill (chair)Academic Affiarshill@uwosh.edu
John KokerAcademic Affairskoker@uwosh.edu
Cheryl GreenStudent Affairsgreen@uwosh.edu
Jim FletcherFinance and Administrationfletcher@uwosh.edu
Bob RobertsAdvancement / IMCrobertrw@uwosh.edu
Stephen BentivengaFaculty Senate Leadershipbentiven@uwosh.edu

Criterion One Committee

Mission: The institution’s mission is broadly understood within the institution and guides its operations.

NameDepartmentEmail Address
Carmen Faymonville (Chair)Academic Affairsfaymonvc@uwosh.edu
Sylvia Carey-ButlerAcademic Support of Inclusive Excellencecareybus@uwosh.edu
Ann MilkovichInformation Technologymilkovich@uwosh.edu
Mandy PottsIntegrated Marketing and Communicationpottsa@uwosh.edu
Sue JaekeUniversity Staffjaekes@uwosh.edu
Charlie HillLifelong Learning and Community Engagementhill@uwosh.edu
Brian KermathSustainabilitykermathb@uwosh.edu
Mike LuederCommunity Engagementluederm@uwosh.edu
*VacantUniversity Marketing & Communications
*VacantStudent OSA President

Criterion Two Committee

Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct—The institution acts with integrity; its conduct is ethical and responsible.

NameDepartmentEmail Address
Bob Roberts (Chair)Advancement/IMC robertrw@uwosh.edu
Patty SchraderEqual Opportunity & Accessschraderp@uwosh.edu
Mandy PottsUniversity Marketing & Communicationspottsa@uwosh.edu
Carmen FaymonvilleAcademic Affairsfaymonvc@uwosh.edu
Sandy CoxStudent Affairscoxs@uwosh.edu
Colleen McDermottFaculty/Adminmcdermot@uwosh.edu
Andrezj DziedzicFaculty Developmentdziedzic@uwosh.edu
Anca MironInstitutional Review Boardmirona@uwosh.edu
*VacantFinance and Administration: AVC Human Resources
Mark ClementsInformational Technology clementsm@uwosh.edu

Criterion Three Committee

Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support—The institution provides high quality education, wherever and however its offerings are delivered.

NameDepartment Email Address
Gabe Loiacono (Chair)University Studies Programloiacong@uwosh.edu
Jessica SpanbauerAcademic Affairsspanbauj@uwosh.edu
Bob RobertsFaculty Developmentrobertrw@uwosh.edu
Jennifer ConsidineCOLS/Communication Studiesconsidij@uwosh.edu
Jordan LandryCenter for Excellence in Teaching and Learninglandry@uwosh.edu
Ted MulveyLibrarymulveyt@uwosh.edu
*VacantLearning Technologies

Criterion Four Committee

Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement—The institution demonstrates responsibility for the quality of its educational programs, learning environments, and support services, and it evaluates their effectiveness for student learning through processes designed to promote continuous improvement.

NameDepartmentEmail Address
Charlie Hill (Chair)Academic Affairshill@uwosh.edu
Greg WypiszynskiGraduate Studies wypiszyn@uwosh.edu
Kimberly RiversCollege of Letters and Sciencerivers@uwosh.edu
Mike WatsonOffice of Institutional Researchwatson@uwosh.edu
Brent MacWilliamsUniversity Studies Programmacwillb@uwosh.edu
Tim GleasonAcademic Policies Committeegleason@uwosh.edu
*VacantInformation Technologieshendryxj@uwosh.edu
Samantha SurowiecOffice of Institutional Researchsurowies@uwosh.edu
*VacantAssessment Committee

Criterion Five Committee

Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness-The institution’s resources, structures, and processes are sufficient to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of its educational offerings, and the institution plans for the future.

NameDepartmentEmail Address
Lori Worm (chair)Finance and Administrationworm@uwosh.edu
Ann MilkovichInformational Technologiesmilkovich@uwosh.edu
Elizabeth HartmanFoundation/Economic Developmenthartmane@uwosh.edu
Jean KwaterskiStudent Affairskwatersk@uwosh.edu
Sue JaekeUniversity Staff Counciljaekes@uwosh.edu
Steven BentivengaFacultybentiven@uwosh.edu
JoAnn RifeMaster Planningrife@uwosh.edu

Federal Compliance Committee

The institution’s practices and process uphold the federal criteria and requirements. 

NameDepartmentEmail Address
Lisa Danielson (Chair)Registrardanielsn@uwosh.edu
Kim DonatFinancial Aiddonatk@uwosh.edu
Jennifer MonroeUniversity Marketing and Communicationsmonroej@uwosh.edu
Paul GedlinskiAdmissionsgedlinsk@uwosh.edu
Debbie MatulleFinance and Administrationmatuelle@uwosh.edu
Mike WatsonOffice of Institutional Researchwatson@uwosh.edu
*VacantStudent Affairs