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Honors Core Requirements (HNRS) + Honors Electives

Regularly offered courses (the number in parentheses is the non-Honors version of the course):

Subject + Course Number


Semester(s) offered



University Studies Program (USP) requirement
Anthropology 202


Art 115

Intro to Biological Anthropology (Honors section)

H: Understanding the Arts (105)













Biology 108 H: Concepts in Biology Unity (105) Fall 5 Sciences (XL)
Chemistry 106 Lab General Chemistry II (Honors Lab section) Spring 5 Sciences (XL)
Communication 112 H: Intro to Public Speaking (111) Both 3 Speech Quest Speaking
Economics 208 H: Principles of Microeconomics (206) Fall 3 Social Sciences (XS)
Economics 209 H: Principles of Macroeconomics (204) Spring 3 Social Sciences (XS)
English 110 Composition/WBIS (188) Both 3 Composition Quest Writing
English 228 H: Modern American Lit (226) Fall  3 Humanities Elective (XC)
English 229 H: African American Literature (219) Both 3 Humanities/Ethnic Studies (XC)(ES)
English 310 Honors Advanced Writing* (300) Both 3 Composition Quest Connect Writing
Environmental Studies 103 Honors Intro to Environmental Studies (101) Spring 3 Social Sciences (GC)(XS)
Geography 104 H: World Regional Geography (102) Spring 3 Social Sciences (GC)(NW)(XS)
Geology 110 H: Geology (102) Spring 5 Sciences (XL)
HNRS 175Q (Honors Core course) Honors Seminar Both 3 Honors Core Course This course satisfies Quest 1 = Society (XS)
HISTORY 216 Honors Topics in History Both 3 Social Sciences (XS)
HNRS 275Q (Honors Core course) Culture Connection

Both (plus option to study abroad over interim)

3 Honors Core Course/Humanities This course satisfies Quest 2 + Quest 3 = Culture (XC)
HNRS 475 (Honors Core Course ) Honors Senior Seminar (For their Honors Senior Capstone, students may take the Seminar OR complete an Honors Thesis) Both 3 Honors Core Course   Honors Senior Capstone Option #1 N/A
XXX 474 (Honors Core course) Honors Thesis (For their Honors Senior Capstone, students may complete a Thesis project OR take the Senior Seminar) Both The Thesis requires two terms, whereby you can either start spring/complete fall or begin fall/finish in the spring 3-6 Honors Core Course   Honors Senior Capstone Option #2 Major Elective
International 309 Revolution and Development (308) Fall 3 Major Major Requirement (GS)
International 403 International Studies Senior Seminar (402) Spring 3 Major/Social Science Major Requirement
 Nursing 216  Honors Health Practices with Diverse Populations (215)  Both  3  Major  (ES)(XC)
Nursing 317 H: Adult Health II Clinical (315) Both 3 Major Requirement (Junior II level only) Major Requirement
PBIS  Topic Varies (Honors-specific section) TBD 3 Mathematics (PBIS)(XM)
Philosophy 106 H: Ethics (105) Spring 3 Humanities Culture (XC)(NW)
Philosophy 110 H: Intro to Philosophy (109) Fall 3 Humanities Culture (XC)
Philosophy 206 Ethical Issues in a Diverse Society (205) Spring 2019 3 Humanities (ES)(XC)
Political Science 107 Honors Intro to Comparative Politics (101) Spring 2018 3 Social Sciences (GC)(XS)
Religious Studies 110 H: Honors World Religions (102) Spring 2019 3 Non-Western Culture (GC)(XC)(NW)

~NOTE: Honors course availability is subject to change~