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English 310: Honors Advanced Writing (EN) (3 Credits)

  • Prerequisites: Enrolled in good standing with the Honors College, completion at time of enrollment of at least 45 credits, and completion of one Writing-Based Inquiry Seminar.
  • Note: English 310 may not be taken concurrently with any other Advanced Composition offering (English 300, 307, 309, 312, 317, 318, 321, or 389).

An advanced composition course for students enrolled in the Honors College. This course is designed to enhance proficiency in critical reading and thinking and in expository writing. Appropriate for all majors, the course is designed around an interdisciplinary theme and focuses on skills necessary for writing across all disciplines.

All Honors College students are highly encouraged to take this version of the course. Greater individualized attention promises growth as a writer. This course also provides assignments useful in preparation for an Honors Thesis or other research-based writing assignments, including a sample prospectus.

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