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Honors College: Graduation Information Form

Please complete this form to confirm with The Honors College when you’re graduating. It is also important that you APPLY for GRADUATION through the Office of the Registrar (here).

The Honors Graduation Ceremony is held every fall and spring on the Friday afternoon preceding Commencement. It is at this event that Honors College Graduates (those who earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 of higher) are presented with their Honors Medallions and Honors College Associates (those who earn a cumulative GPA of 3.2 to 3.49) receive their Certificates of Recognition.

Honors Graduation Information Form

⏳Forms for Fall 2021 Honors Graduation are due by Monday, December 6📅 Thank you! Remember: The Honors Graduation Ceremony will be held Friday, December 17, at 5:30 in the Culver Family Welcome Center !
  • Please enter your full name as you would like it to be announced at the Honors Graduation Ceremony. NOTE: If your name is often mispronounced, please spell it out for us phonetically (e.g., Russo is Roos-so). We want to say your name correctly!
  • Please enter your 7-digit Student ID:
  • Semester + Year
  • YOUR FIRST + LAST NAME + STREET ADDRESS + CITY, ST and ZIP (***Please provide your name + complete address in CAPITAL LETTERS***)
  • Where are you from? Please name your hometown, which will be announced at the Honors Graduation Ceremony.
  • The Honors College occasionally sends updates and announcements to Honors Alumni. Please provide a permanent email address (your UW email will soon expire).
  • 📷Maximum number of photos per student is five.