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Fletcher Hall

Fletcher Hall houses first year and continuing students in four-floors with men and women on alternating wings of each floor. Fletcher Hall also features adjustable beds with lofts included. The hall has a strong tradition of participation in Homecoming and Winter Carnival. Facilities include washer and dryer units on each floor and in the basement, a large recreational space, quiet study lounges, and kitchens spaces and seating areas on each floor.  The beds in Fletcher can be lofted, with the help of another person, using the loft pieces provided in the rooms.

Also located in the basement is a computer lab open to all residents of Fletcher Hall. The main desk provides many items including games, kitchen equipment, and a change machine.

Get the most out of your time in Fletcher Hall with our User Guide for the building.

Fletcher Hall is open during academic breaks.




Hall Address
Your address here at school will be:
Your Name
712 Elmwood Ave
Fletcher Hall (room xxx)
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Hall Staff

Each wing in Fletcher Hall has a Community Advisor (CA ). The role of the CA is to help you in your on-campus living experience. They have been trained extensively in the areas of peer helping, university resources, and planning programs and activities for you that will be fun, educational and engage you in the hall, campus, and Oshkosh community.

Fletcher has a Desk Manager who runs the front desk.

There is also a student Health Advocate (HA) in the building that can provide general medical information and supplies such as band aids, aspirin, and health brochures.

There is a Residence Hall Director (RHD) who is a professional that has earned a Master’s degree in Student Affairs or a related field. The RHD is here to supervise the staff, encourage leadership development, run the building, and make sure that you have a positive growing experience.

The RHD is aided by an Assistant Residence Hall Director (ARHD) who is a graduate student that assists in the day to day operations of the building along with supervising the staff.