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Cleaning Procedures

Suite Cleaning

Suite cleaning is up to each resident. The Department of Residence Life will provide cleaning supplies for the residents. These will include

  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Disinfectant

The amounts provided should be enough to last the academic year, so there will not be refills provided.


Bathroom Cleaning

The custodial staff will come into each suite about once a month to clean the bathroom facilities. Residents are still expected to clean their bathrooms between those cleanings. In order to have the custodial staff clean the bathrooms the following must happen:

  • All personal items must be removed from the bathroom (with the exception of items stored in the bathroom drawers).
  • The hallway leading to each bathroom must be completely clear to allow for unobstructed access for cleaning carts, etc.
  • This includes the sink area, the shower area or shower room, towel hooks / bars, soaps shampoos, shower caddies and any other personal items brought in i.e. plastic storage drawers, bins, etc.
  • This must be completed prior to custodial staff entering the suite to clean the bathrooms

The custodians will not move any person items. If these things are not done the custodian will not clean the bathroom and the residents of the suite will receive a fine of $100

Residents will also be notified the week that their suite will be cleaned. This will confirm the date and the time of cleaning.


Toilet Paper

Toilet paper will be provided to all residents. They may receive additional toilet paper when needed, from the front desk during desk hours, up to two rolls of toilet paper, per suite, per week.