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Contact and Staff Information

Staff Contact Chart

Position Room Phone Number
Area Secretary 145 (920)424-1244
Residence Hall Director 145 (920)424-1818
Assistant Residence Hall Director 145 (920)424-1822
Front Desk 144 (920)424-1819
1st Floor CA 149 (920)424-0513
2nd Floor CA 249 (920)424-0535
3rd Floor CA 349 (920)424-0550
4th Floor CA 449 (920)424-0567
5th Floor CA 549 (920)424-0582
Duty CA (920)420-4410
Security Station (920)424-1819


Horizon Village Staff Team

Horizon Village is supported by a team of student staff and professional staff that work together to provide services to the residents.

Horizon Village is staffed by a Residence Hall Director (RHD) who is a professional that has earned a Master’s degree in Student Affairs or a related field. The RHD is here to supervise the staff, encourage leadership development, run the building, and make sure that you have a positive growing experience

There are a number of student staff positions in Horizon Village. The following are the student staff.

Each floor in Horizon Village has a Community Advisor (CA). The role of the CA is to help you in your on-campus living experience. They have been trained extensively in the areas of peer helping, university resources, planning programs and activities for you that will be fun, educational and also engage you in the hall, campus and Oshkosh community.
Horizon Village also has a Senior CA who runs the front desk and works on a floor to put on a variety of programs.

There is also a student Health Advocate in the building that can provide general medical information and supplies such as Band-Aids, aspirin, and health brochures.

Another Staff member that Horizon Village has is an Eco Rep. The ECO Rep will serve as a resource and an educator for peer-to-peer interaction within your associated hall. The Eco-Rep’s overall goal is to raise awareness about ecological issues and encourage environmentally conscientious behavior.

These student staff members are there to help you have a great time, as well as make sure that the hall community is a safe, respectful, and responsible environment for you to live in.