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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Contact Information

If you see something , or have something happen to you that needs immediate attention you have a few options of people that you can call:
Your CA – you should call your CA with any question or concern you have in the building. They can help you contact others if needed. Below is the contact info for the CA staff

1st Floor CA Room 149 (920) 424-0513

2nd Floor CA Room 249 (920) 424-0535

3rd Floor CA Room 349 (920) 424-0550

4th Floor CA Room 449 (920) 424-0567

5th Floor CA Room 549 (920) 424-0582

If you cannot get ahold of your CA, here are the other options for you to call.

University Police – (920) 424-1212

Desk – (920) 424-1819 Between 10:00am and 9:30pm

Duty – (920) 420-  Between 8:00pm and 7:00am