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Stewart Hall

Stewart Hall is designed with two cubes connected by a common lounge on all floors. Within Stewart you will have access to a kitchen, laundry facility, study spaces in the basement, floor lounges, a big screen TV, computer lab, and much more! The main desk provides many items including games, and kitchen equipment.  The beds in Stewart can be lofted, with the help of another person, using the loft pieces provided in the rooms.

Because we are a small community, getting to know your neighbors, forming close relationships, and getting involved is easy.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in programs geared toward building connections with students, faculty, and campus resources. Stewart is located near the Student Success Center and Reeve Union, and just up the street from Polk Library. The hall shares a landscaped quad with Fletcher Hall and Evans hall.

Hall Address

Your address here at school will be:

Your name

723 W. Lincoln Ave.

Stewart Hall (room xxx)

Oshkosh, WI 54901

Stewart Hall Room layout
Stewart Hall Guide to Residential Living

Hall Staff

Each cube in Stewart Hall has a Community Advisor (CA). The role of the CA is to help you in your on-campus living experience. They have been trained extensively in the areas of peer helping, university resources, planning programs and activities for you that will be fun, educational and also engage you in the hall, campus, and Oshkosh community.

Stewart Hall

Stewart has a student Health Advocate (HA) in the building that can provide general medical information and supplies such as band aids, aspirin, and health brochures. These student staff members are there to help you have a great time, as well as make sure that the hall community is a safe, respectful, and responsible environment for you to live in.

The Residence Hall Director (RHD) is a professional whom has earned a Master’s degree in Student Affairs or a related field. The RHD is here to supervise the staff, encourage leadership development, run the building, and make sure that you have a positive growing experience.