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January 29, Sunday: Halls OPEN at 10am for any new incoming students, and First meal-Dinner
March 17, Friday: Last meal-Dinner
March 26, Sunday: First meal-Dinner
May 13, Saturday: End of 14 week Spring Term
May 14, Sunday: Spring Interim Consolidation for students staying for 3-week spring interim term. Students should refer to email in March/April for further details about consolidation.
For those students who indicated they are not staying for the 3-week interim, check-out is by Noon
Students participating in graduation and not staying for the 3-week interim must check out by 4:00pm



October 17, Monday: Housing Application for the 2023-24 academic year goes live at noon.

  • Housing Application fee has decreased from $150 to $75
  • You will immediately have access to select your hall and room
    • Except Horizon Village - Information on selecting Horizon Village will come soon
    • From October 17 through June 15 you can change your room if you want.
  • Stewart Hall will be all single rooms!
  • Singles will be awarded on a first come first serve basis until they are all sold out.
  • Fletcher Triple Rooms are available and rates are determined by how many students will reside in the room.
    • Single occupied (a student elects to buy out the triple for themselves). 
      • (New Rate) Renovated Deluxe $5,666 per semester.
    • Double occupied (there are two students living in a triple) 
      • Double Occupied Triple $4,249 per semester. 
        • * This is the same rate as purchasing a renovated single * 
    • Triple occupied (There are three students living in a triple) 
      • Tripe Occupied Triple $2,833 per semester. 
        • *This is the same rate as purchasing a renovated double* 
  • Housing Deferments (postponing the housing deposit payment and adding it to your student account) are available upon request
    • Email
      • Subject should read Housing Application Deferment Request


  • Find your group of four. 
    • Find three other students you believe would be great roommates for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Only groups of four will be eligible for a Horizon Village suite. 
    • Groups can have any gender breakdown.  
  • Email with “Horizon Village Group Appointment” as the subject. 
    • In the email body, provide the first and last name for all 4 members of the group. 
    • One person from the group should send the email and carbon copy (CC) other group members.  In order to move forward, all students must be copied on the email.  
  • Someone from Residence Life will respond to the email with a list of potential appointment dates and times. 
    • Virtual meetings will be scheduled in the order emails are received.   
    • Once a group has a meeting scheduled, a place in Horizon Village is being held for them. There is no guarantee as to what suite types will be available during the meeting. 
  • Meet Virtually with Residence Life. 
    • During the group’s virtual meeting, Residence Life will assist the group in getting verified and then selecting what suite they want from what is available.  
    • All members of the group will need access to a computer and their own housing applicationto be able to make changes as instructed. 
    • During this meeting, the group will agree on and be assigned to a suite! 
    • For students who had previously selected a room in another hall: Once the Horizon Village suite is confirmed, previous room placements will be cancelled.  Cancelling these previous rooms will make them available for other students. 

Some important things to note: 

  • The group will need to assign someone as the group leader. If the group wishes to move to a different suite [as available] after suite selection has occurred, this individual will be responsible for completing the move in the housing application.   
  • If at any point a member of the group leaves the group, the remaining members of the group will be given a two-week window to find a replacement for the member that left.  If unable to find another student, the group will be ineligible to stay in the suite and will be required to live in a different residence hall.   
  • Once Horizon Village is full, residents will be informed by email. Remaining groups will be notified that they are on the waiting list and will be contacted if any of the groups leave their Horizon Village suite. Groups on the waiting list are not guaranteed a placement in Horizon Village for the upcoming academic year.