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Computer Services


ResNet (In-Room Internet)

ResNet is the in-room Internet service provided by the Department of Residence Life and supported by the Management Information Office (MIO).  Each resident can have up to three wired devices registered to the network simultaneously.  This includes laptops, desktops, and gaming consoles. For more information on gaming consoles and device registration visit:

Note: While the MIO will always strive to do its best to help connect any computer, the supported operating systems are: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Mac OS 10.8 or later. Devices running Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux can be registered; though, they will not be supported.



UW Oshkosh offers a campus wide wireless service currently named Titan WiFi. To learn more about what devices are and are not supported please visit:


Virus Protection

The MIO requires that all computers connecting to ResNet have an effective, self-updating antivirus program.  The Department of Residence Life offers and highly recommends Symantec Antivirus free of charge to students living in the residence halls.  This can be downloaded from the myUWO Portal ( using the ResNet Software module.

Beware that having multiple antivirus programs installed may cause problems on your computer.  Make sure to remove any other antivirus programs before installing another. Also make sure the antivirus program installed on your computer is not a trial version (which typically comes installed on new computers).

MIO also recommends anti-spyare/malware programs for student computers.  You can learn about Malwarebytes here.


Traffic Limits

Since the network is a shared resource among all students and staff on campus, it is important that everyone gets equal access to network resources.  We do however realize there are more and more (legal) activities that can be done online, both for educational and  entertainment purposes.  Our 2016-2017 traffic policy is that excessive traffic is not permitted, this includes both incoming (streaming, downloading, etc) and outgoing (uploading, live streaming, etc) traffic. Each student is responsible for monitoring their own bandwidth.  There is a module on the MyUWO portal that gives hourly totals.  If a student does go over the policy they will be temporarily suspended and will be unable to use the Internet.  Residents should contact MIO to resolve the matter.

For additional information regarding data policy on ResNet as well as examples for inbound and outbound traffic, visit this page.


Need HELP?

Throughout the year MIO offers help to connect residents to the network and help to maintain that connection by offering virus and spyware help.  MIO does not do any hardware or software support (other than the provided antivirus).  During the 14-week semester MIO is open Monday-Thursday 8AM-6PM and Friday 8AM-5PM. During other periods, MIO is open Monday-Friday 8AM-4:30PM.


Computer Labs

Each hall has a computer lab with both Mac and Windows operating systems.  The computer labs are open 7AM-midnight.  For more information about your hall’s specific computer lab visit this page.


Additional Questions

For more information about wireless, MyUWO Portal or other computer services please visit:  Or contact Management Information Office (MIO) at: 920-424-0863 or