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Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

The Community Rights and Responsibilities Handbook is a resource for all students living in UW Oshkosh residence halls. It covers important, need to know information and services, as well as hall policies and student conduct.

To support the university’s efforts in sustainability, limited hard copies of this handbook are available in the Department of Residence Life and through your Residence Hall Director.

You can download the handbook in it’s entirety below in a .pdf format.  If you do not an Acrobat Reader, you can download one from the Adobe website

Download the UW Oshkosh Community Rights and Responsibilities Handbook


Smudging Policy 

We understand the language used in the smudging policy does not align with today’s cultural standards. We are in the process of updating the statement to align with the cultural traditions of smudging and the UWO’s facilities restrictions.  In the meantime, if you wish to engage in smudging inside your residence hall, please contact your Residence Hall Director.


CRRH COVID Addendum for 2020-2021

We care about the health and well-being of our students and staff and have developed the following policies to promote practices in the residential environment that are consistent with CDC guidelines for risk reduction related to COVID-19. These policies are specific to academic year 2020-2021 in response to the pandemic and should be reviewed along with our existing Community Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. These COVID-19 policies supersede all existing policies on the same topic. All residence hall students agree to be tested weekly for Covid-19. Failure to do so is considered a violation of UWO policy. Failure to comply with these important measures will result in formal disciplinary action.

Guest Policy

  • • Only UWO students and Residential Fox Valley Tech Students allowed as guests
  • • 2 person room may have two guests present at any one time
  • • 3 person room may have three guests present at any one time
  • • Horizon Suite may have four guests present at any one time
  • • All residents of a room must agree on allowing the guest in room
  • • Guests must follow the mask policy and may be removed from the hall if they choose not to comply
  • • If a guest is found to be in violation of any residence hall policy they may be removed from the hall

PPE Usage

  • • Must follow state mandate
  • • All faculty, staff, students and guests to the University are required to wear a face covering while inside University buildings, including Residence Halls
  • • Face covering must be worn anytime you are interacting with a university staff member (e.g. when being confronted for a policy violation)
  • • Students may eat/drink in lounges in the halls, but MUST maintain appropriate social distancing. Additionally masks may only be removed when eating and drinking and must be immediately put back on when finished.

Social Distancing

  • • Must follow all posted signage
  • • Please follow social distancing guidelines at all times within the Residence Halls