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Students of Distinction

This themed community is created for our minority students and is welcome to any UWO student. The floor is designed to foster an environment of cultural enrichment and exposure, as well as creating a safe environment to all. Students living on this floor will be expected to attend two campus programs on equity and related topics per semester. 


How can I apply to this themed community? 

In the Application Preferences section of the housing application, please select the community you are interested in. Once you select this themed community you will click save and continue to complete the housing application. During Room Sign-Up, you will be assigned a timeslot for when you will be able to self-select your residence hall and room space. At that time, you will have access to select a room within that themed community if you would like toIf you complete your housing application after Room Sign-Up has already been completed, please contact our office at (920) 424-3212 or via email at for assistance in selecting a room within the themed community. 

If I am in a room currently, how can I join this themed community?

If you are already in a room, you will need to follow the room change process. Please reach out to your Resident Hall Director and make your request. The Resident Hall Director will assist you in contacting the housing office to start the process of changing your room. If your Resident Hall Director is unavailable, you can reach out to our office at (920) 424-3212 or via email at for assistance in the room change process.