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The entire campus community is invited and encouraged to join our collaborative steps program co-sponsored by the UW Credit Union! This is a 5-week individual-based program that simply asks its participants to track their step counts each day. Awards will be given each week to individual winners. At the end of the 5 weeks, the individual with the most steps will receive a prize.

Registration Form

Weekly Steps Count Reporting

Start date of February 10th, 2020 with end date of March 15th, 2020

  • Week 1: Mon, Feb. 10th- Sun, Feb. 16th– Report steps Mon, Feb. 17th
  • Week 2: Mon, Feb. 17th – Sun, Feb 23rd — Report steps Mon, Feb 24th
  • Week 3: Mon, Feb. 24th – Sun, March 1st– Report steps Mon, March 2nd
  • Week 4: Mon, March 2nd – Sun, March 8th — Report steps Mon, March 9th
  • Week 5: Mon, March 9th – Sun, March 15th — Report steps Mon, March 16th

If you do not have a way of tracking your steps the UW Credit Union is providing pedometers and you may rent one (Click YES on the registration form below). We kindly ask that you return the pedometers at the end of the 5 weeks because they will be reused for other challenges.

Awards given will include:

  • Participation Award – A random raffle for all participants will be drawn and prizes will be given just for being part of our program.
  • Press on Award – Even when time stopped, their steps never ceased to stop moving. This award is given to the individual with the most steps throughout the entire program. (1 winner)
  • Feet On FIRE! Award – Steps were presumptuously so fierce and ferocious, it literally lit their feet on FIRE! This award is given to an individual whose passion to win was lit to take the most steps in one week. ( 5 Winners, one each week)
  • The-Need-to-Speed Award – This award is given to the individual who made the most improvement and progress between two consecutive weeks.
  • Motivation Madness- This award will be nomination based, a form will be sent out so you have the opportunity to nominate a fellow co-worker. This co-worker may not have been leading all 5 weeks but displayed lots of motivation throughout the challenge and worked their hardest. Winner will be based on number of nominations (by different employees) received for that co-worker.