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We are in the midst of unprecedented times when we’re continually reminded of the global threat of COVID-19.

This continuous news cycle can cause anxiety and worry about what will happen to our family, our community, our workplace.

We may feel a lack of control or helpless in the face of the unknown and the uncertainties of what this will mean.

To help you understand the impact of this stress and uncertainty on our brains, FEI is presenting a webinar where we’ll provide tips on how to:
Avoid becoming overwhelmed.
Be resilient despite the distances between us.
Find our best selves in times like these.
Please Join Us for Our Special Webinar:

​​Navigating the anxiety and stress of COVID-19

​​To register, please click on your preferred date:

Tuesday March 24th, 2020

Thursday March 26th,2020

Both webinars are 11:00am Central Time