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March is National Nutrition Awareness. Complete the crossword puzzle and submit by Friday, March 26, 2021 for a chance to win a wellness prize.

·         March_NutritionCrosswordPuzzle

·         Submission Form

These activities are meant to be able to engage employees and build camaraderie by expanding your knowledge around wellness topics and encourage continued wellness engagement. Activities may include completing puzzles, campus scavenger hunts, or other simple challenges. All employees have the opportunity to complete the challenge and submit for a chance to win a prize. Challenge submissions must be completed by the end of the month specified in the announcement. Answers and winners will be announced in the following month’s Wellness News.

The activities will be announced in the Wellness News that is emailed monthly to all employees and is archived on the Wellness webpage. It will also be announced in HR Connections.

Watch out for a chance to win a prize and learn more about wellness along the way!