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Primary UW Shared Services Contact:
Amy Bobylak
(608) 262-0277

Backup Campus Contacts:
Monthly Payroll/Absence
Katelyn Fenrich
Payroll & Benefits Lead
(920) 424-3008

Biweekly Payroll/Absence and Student Employment
Marge Cosmutto
(920) 424-1037

Employee Payroll & Leave

Single Payroll

Beginning in July 2021, all UW System employees who are currently paid monthly will move to a biweekly payroll schedule. Budget seminars and town hall meeting dates along with more information can be found on the Single Payroll Landing Page.

UW-Shared Services Service Operations

One stop shop for information related to pay schedules, how to enter time and absence, approvals, performance management and more.

Types of Employees

Learn about the varying differences between faculty, academic staff, university staff and student employees

Update Payroll and Personal Information via Self-Service

Reference these how-to guides:

Foreign Nationals - International Tax Information

International employees who are not citizens of the United States and have not obtained permanent resident status are categorized as non-resident aliens or resident aliens for tax purposes based upon several factors including the amount of time they have spent in the United States. International employees are required to create and maintain an account with Glacier International in order to determine their appropriate tax withholding status (substantial presence test) as well as their eligibility for any applicable tax treaties. Information about Glacier will be sent to employees at their UW Oshkosh email address when they begin employment.

UW-Shared Services Payroll Help

Planning to Retire or Resign?
If you are retiring or resigning, it is important that you share your retirement or resignation letter to your supervisor and copy Human Resources ( prior to your departure. The sooner we know, the more we are able to ensure your payroll and benefits are processed correctly.

When writing your letter, be sure to indicate whether you are retiring or resigning (mean different things for benefits) and your last day employed.

You may set up a benefits one-on-one appointment with the Benefits Specialist to answer any questions you may have, email questions to, or call the HR Office at 920.424.1166.

  Phone:  (920) 424-1166

  Fax: (920) 424- 2021


Monday - Friday 7:45AM - 4:30PM

  Dempsey Hall 328
800 Algoma Blvd. 
Oshkosh, WI 54901